Interview: Indi

  I recently had the chance to interview local musician Indi about her solo project, collaborations and upcoming album release/tour prior to her departure to Europe next year. Thank you to Indi for these fascinating and thoughtful answers to my questions! AQ: You have released a collection of solo instrumental recordings, an album with Motte […]

Interview: Sink Ya Teeth

If you haven’t heard Sink Ya Teeth before – now is definitely the time to listen to their music. They have recently released their first single “If You See Me” (b-side Circumstance) on 1965 records and have exciting plans for the future. I really enjoyed talking to Gem, who is one half of the band […]

Interview: Peach Club

I recently had the chance to speak to Norwich Riot Grrrl band Peach Club! Their answers to my questions are as inspiring and energetic as their music. You can check out their current releases here.  AQ: The Bitch Diaries and Mission Impossible are both great! I love the ferocity of them and you are all […]

Interview: Babe Simpson

There is no group out there quite like Barf Troop and there is no artist quite like Babe Simpson, either! I for one am continually inspired by the art they put into the world. The Young Blood ep was just the beginning for Babe Simpson and Babe and the Troop have a lot more in […]

Interview: Skinny Girl Diet

Skinny Girl Diet have been one of my favourite bands for awhile now and it was a true pleasure to interview them on the eve of their debut LP Heavyflow’s release! If you haven’t listened to the music Ursula Holliday, Delilah Holliday and Amelia Cutler make – you are about to discover something special. Thank […]

Welcome to Pastel Zine!

Hello and welcome to my new zine project – Pastel Zine. It’s currently a blog although I’m hoping to make it into a physical zine in the near future. I’m Andrea Quinlan – a New Zealand based writer who also performs. Pastel Zine features interviews with musicians, writers and artists I love. You can find […]