Interview: Peach Club


I recently had the chance to speak to Norwich Riot Grrrl band Peach Club! Their answers to my questions are as inspiring and energetic as their music. You can check out their current releases here. 

AQ: The Bitch Diaries and Mission Impossible are both great! I love the ferocity of them and you are all such talented writers and musicians. Can you talk a bit about how those two releases came together and what we can expect next from Peach Club? More singles/EP’s or a full length, maybe?

PC: ”The Bitch Diaries’ was our first release as a four. The songs on the EP we’d had for a while and had been playing live a lot, so we thought it was about time to put them together. ‘Mission Impossible’ however was more of a solid concept we had. We released three singles, one a month, at the end of last year with ‘Mission Impossible’ at the end. That was a really good release for us as we had a large buildup to it and a real idea of exactly how we wanted it to play out. We’re hoping to record an extended EP in the summer, but all is not confirmed yet.

AQ: Mission Impossible encapsulates the arrogance of some men in the music industry. Is there are difference between how things are for you now and how they were for you starting out as a band? In one of your other interviews you talked about exceeding people’s expectations of you. It’s very inspiring! To me it seems like being political is a necessity rather than a choice.

PC: Recently we haven’t really been playing all male lineups like we used to. To begin with we were mostly with male bands so they had this expectation of ‘they’re going to be shit because they’re girls’. However playing with non-male bands, people are more excited to see what we have to offer regardless of if they’ve listened to or seen us before. I think being girls making punk is a political statement in itself! Punk is seen as this aggressive male genre but more and more girls are breaking into the scene and it’s amazing.

AQ: Is there a difference between how you approach recording and live performances? Does one take precedence over the other? I can see both have a lot of energy from listening and watching the performances on You Tube!

PC: Both are very important to us as either of them could be someone’s first impression of us. However, we much prefer playing live because it’s so much fun and we love the energy that bounces off each other and the audience!

AQ: You have talked about how Peach Club represent a new kind of Riot Grrrl. Can you talk about your relationship to original riot grrrls and other current bands or other inspirations as I know you like Charli XCX from reading your tweets and classic pop from the 1990’s and 2000’s? Live instruments like guitar, bass and drums are obviously important to you.

PC: With original Riot Grrrl, it wasn’t very inclusive. We like the sounds and the ideals of Riot Grrrl but we want to make it more relevant to now and more inclusive. We take a lot of musical inspiration from 90’s grunge rock but I think aesthetically we take inspiration from more popular artists today. I love Charli XCX and take inspiration from her badass, i-give-no-fucks attitude rather than her music.

AQ: Do you have any other favourites or inspirations you’d like to share with readers whether they be art, zines, books, films etc?

PC: We’re really inspired by other female and non-male artists such as Poppy Marriott who is a good friend of ours. She’s a photographer and zine maker and her work is incredible. We played with a band called Brosephine when we played a show in London and they’re amazing and we’ve been quite inspired by their music since. We also take inspiration from 90’s cult films such as Jawbreaker and Clueless but I guess that’s more aesthetics rather than musically.

AQ: Do you have any tips for riot grrrls starting out? Whether it be about writing songs or learning instruments etc? Or activism in general.

PC: Our best tip would be not to hold back. Be brutally honest with your lyrics and you’ll really pack a punch.

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